Story of Sleeping Beauty

The Christening

King Florestan and the Queen declare a grand christening ceremony to be held in honor of the birth of their daughter, Princess Aurora. The fairies of the land have been invited to come and bless Princess Aurora with gifts of courage, honesty, generosity, praise, prosperity, purity, strength and grace. Carabosse, an evil fairy, is outraged that she was not invited to the ceremony. She places a curse on Aurora stating that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger and die. The Lilac Fairy proclaims that Princess Aurora will not die but merely fall into a deep sleep for 100 years.

Act I
Princess Aurora’s 16th Birthday

During Aurora’s 16th birthday celebration, the disguised Carabosse offers Aurora a bouquet of flowers. Despite her parents’ objections, Princess Aurora accepts the bouquet of flowers only to prick her finger on a hidden needle. Immediately, she falls into a deep slumber. The Lilac Fairy then casts a spell of slumber upon the entire kingdom so that they will only awake when Aurora does.

Act II
The Saving Prince

100 years later, Prince Florimund is hunting in the forest. In a vision, Lilac Fairy reveals Aurora to the Prince. The Prince asks the Lilac Fairy to take him to Aurora. At the castle, the Prince defeats Carabosse and awakens Aurora. The Prince asks King Florestan for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

The Wedding

During the wedding celebration for Prince Florimund and Princess Aurora, many fairytale characters come to honor the Prince and Princess. The whole kingdom celebrates.

Director’s Note

In this classic story of romance, Prince Florimund awakened Aurora to life by offering to take the curse of sleep upon himself in her place. Because of the great love and sacrifice he showed towards Aurora, the curse was broken and Prince Florimund was no longer bound in slumber. In every story where unconditional love conquers evil, the original romance between Christ and His creation can be seen. Because of His great love for us, Christ offered to take the curse of death upon Himself in our place. In so doing, He awakened our hearts to life.